Hosting Infrastructure


We ensure peak availability and scalability by running our applications on Amazon Web Services. Eliminate uptime concerns.
There's very little more anxiety-inducing for a modern business than having your website go down. Aside from potential customer losses, Google has server speed and uptime as a key ranking factor. Slow delivery of pages leads to quick clicks away. 

Aside from hosting our own applications it can make sense to move content to our platform. A recent piece of work involved us quickly rebuilding a popular blog - where variable server uptime and unoptimised image delivery had caused major dips in traffic and rankings. Our optimised image and content servers led to a 11x speed increase and a return to full availabilty.

A major BBC television programme gave a series of glowing reviews to a client, and our infrastructure easily coped with instant traffic growth of 3000% + with no impact on speed and delivery automatically. As the programmes were repeated around the world our infrastructure coped with these repeated spikes effortlessly.

Peace of mind as standard.